Curse of the Crimson Throne

Shank o Lamm

Retrieve Varisian Harrow Cards

Plot So Far

So a Varisian Harrow Reader asked us to go retrieve her cards from Gedren Lamm, a pleasure. Quite a bit of planning to launch the assault from the sewers mainly to ensure we could get away if it went wrong – which it did. Elric was getting up to speed on his tools, we charmed Giggles to go keep intruders out and in we went. Fish guts to occupy the Gator – easy. Hmm well Lamm got away and a spider swarm and centipede had to be dealt with.

Long story short we survived and were rewarded with the following loot:

Masterwork hand cross bow
Hand painted harrow deck – the mission goal
Studded leather (M)
Light shield (M)
Studded leather (S)
Disguise kit
Nipples key
Poshs journal
Wand of Acid Splash (28 charges)
3 vials of acid
1 Tangelfoot bag
1 Thunderstone
1 Set of leather stylish
Light crossbow and 10 bolts
Amulet (non magical worth 10s of gp)
Cigar case (Cedar wood) worth 100s of gps
Ingot of gold 2lbs with a Chelaxian coat of arms (90-110gp)
Miniature gold crown (100s of gp)
Scrimshaw carved bone in the shape of a Kraken with gems for eyes (200gp)
Silver ring – “For Emma – light of my nights” (150gp)
Ivory figurine of two entwined succubi (450gp)
Shuriken (MW)
Adamantine arrowhead
Abolene shell holy symbol of Shelyn
Vial of “oil of keen edge”
Obsidian wand of Magic Missile (CL1 – 23 Charges)
Crystalline vial worth 50gp containing a dose of “Silversheen”
Bejewelled broach with broken clasp with a family crest
A head in a box kept with the harrows – badly preserved but thoughts are it is Eran son of Zhellara your employer


bill_brisley666 bill_brisley666

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