Character Creation

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We use PC Gen to create characters, it can be found HERE

Each character will be given 15 points to build their character.
(Not a lot but i want a more gritty feel for this one)

All Core Classes permitted, (Wizards and Sorcerers are pretty much the same with our existing house rules – Advice is Wizard for versatility)

Additional classes permitted – If you can rationalize it, I may allow it, but it will have to have a good back story and reason to exist. (Summoners may also get nerfed as they is too bloody good)

You are all orphans from the mean streets and as such have been raised to cheat lie and steal and for some say “Excuse me meeester!” and then lump them over the bonce with a chair leg and grin (fighter)

Paladins may find it impossible to get along.

Monks also difficult to rationalize but not impossible

Druids may not do so well as this campaign is labelled as Urban (not sure if that means you could pick R&B music to play as a Bard)

Starting money is the same initial figure but multiplied by Silver Pieces instead of gold as you are a bunch of pour orphans.

Character Creation

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