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  • Darla – Barmaid at the “Wick at Both Ends” a cozy little Inn in Old Town
    (Contact of Kez)
    A matronly figure who pretty much runs the place as the Inn Keeper “Old Ben” is a lazy drunk, she is one of the only people to look out for street kids and make sure they get scraps after closing. She is quick with a smile and a hug and is a big friendly woman of middle years. She is also a gossip and as the Wick is by the Leaning Docks she gets news from all over the city and some snippets from further afield.


  • Cozimo – Street Performer / Ring Master for a travelling troupe called simply “Zimo’s”
    (Contact of Iago)
    Each act performs on a curcuit of the city and then travels the nation with their acts with Cozimo’s cousin Alfonso (a ranger). Cozimo runs three acts; Twin Acrobats “Harla and Vanburgh” or the “Tumbling Tigers”, a Juggler called “Pietre Nine Hands” and trio of Musicians called “Siren Call”. He can be found at his rooms at the “Bamboo House” and is always on the lookout for new talent but has nothing to offer a lone Actor, a Tall whip of a man in a dashing cloak of many colours, he has a deep and welcoming voice and a quick friendly wit. His acts travel and so he knows news from afar, but most of it is patron or arts related.


  • Krane – Runs a market stall selling junk and detritus (Contact of Elrik)

He repairs, buys and sells items found or “acquired” from patrons who are either down on their luck or need a quick shim. He is a short man with a beard and a bald pate and nervous eyes but misses very little, he is one of the reasonable traders who asks few questions regarding provenance, gives a mostly fair price and shares no secrets. He also knows when to say “no” to certain trades and although miserly is not out and out greedy. His market stall is on the edge of the Fish Market and is called “Krane’s Flotsum”.


  • Rosanna – Prostitute (Contact of Elrik)
    She works for the Gorum Brothers (Lieutenants for the Copperheads Gang) place “The Straights” in the Fisher District of Old Town, she has raven dark hair, sad eyes and is friendly to children and although nervous around older men and twitchy around violence, there is a spark of defiance not quite gone from her eyes. The Straights is just a small whore house and bar, not a straight angle in the whole building hence the name.


  • Mikem – City Official – Sewers Officer (Contact of Diozo)
    He is a middle aged man with a constant worried expression and runs the sewers through close contacts within the Bankers and although he comes across as a nervous hand wringer who is only interested in self preservation he goes out of his way to employ Bankers to clear and maintain their turf and is the go to guy for knowledge of the sewers history and geography and still makes his regular armed escorted inspections into every area of the city. He also hires people to deal with local vermin problems for the nobility. He has a small office in the right tower (facing north) of the Long Cross Bridge between Old Town and North Point districts.


  • Dale – Member of the Pathfinders Guild and Mage (Low Ranking) (Contact of Hawke)
    A middle aged balding man with a stern countenance, neat and well ordered, he is an Evoker and works alongside the military to provide magical support to local militia, city watch and the regular army. He is very low ranked and not well liked, as he is intentionally argumentative, strict with his apprentices and does not suffer fools gladly. He has a soft spot for Hawke as he knew his Mother Lyra and Elf Mage who struggled with her addictions and died from an over dose. Ever since he has kept a distant eye on him, but without the finances there is no hope for a formal apprenticeship. His house is tall, rickety on the outside but spotless on the inside and lies at the west end of Fiddleback Way near the palace.


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