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Devargo Barvassi – King of Spiders (Head of Thieves Guild)
Owner of the Eel’s End.

Grey Men Now run by Luciano Barvassi son of Devargo Barvassi who run and are based from Eel’s End. They are known for prostitution, numbers games, gambling and drugs but cover most crimes.

Pilts Swastel – Impresario of Exemplary Execrables.

The Copperhead Gang – A gang from the other end of Wave Street in the same block as the Copper Beater Hall they wear small items of copper and are renown for being less than subtle muggers and run a successful protection racket.

Shades Hill Mob – A block of houses between Wave street and St Alika Street by the Temple of Aroden home to this gang who are good cut purses and burglers. There is also an Orphanage there they use to recruit and sell those recruits to the other gangs.

Riggers – A city wide gang that runs the Shingles (Rooftops). The gang is also known for burglary, kidnapp and aiding in extortion. The Shingles is a network of bridges and ropes that traverse Old Town and some of the city. The Riggers have their own light signal system so can communicate quickly around the city.

Bankers – A city wide gang that runs the Vaults (Sewers). “Bankers” is a derogatory term for the bottom rung of the criminal ladder and as such only the truely desperate claim to be “Bankers”. Also known as the “Lost People” the homeless, addicts and lost find their way into the sewers but their is still a kind of belonging and they have their Cant (Sign Language) and they too have a basic light signal system so can communicate quickly around the city.

Lamm’s Lambs – An orphanage at the Old Fishery in the area known as Midland down by West Dock. This is where the party grew up and Nestor bought them from Gaedran Lamm when they were very young, a thin horrible man with very bad teeth who was and is not kind to those he raises

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Local People of Interest

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