Curse of the Crimson Throne


Tasks and Trusts

Nestor sent the Shadows out thieving for enough funds to buy a barrel of pair brandy (10gp) – a fortune.

Each Shadow was also given a secret instruction.

  • Kez: break this bottle of brandy over the leader of the next opposition of the next fight you’re in. Then, run!

After spending most of the day conning and thieving the gang are jumped by 3 times their number of Lamm’s Lambs. A furious brawl ensues, knives are drawn at one point but moderate voices on both sides prevent bloodshed. The entire incident leaves the Shadows in a bad way, battered, bruised and unconscious there’s no denying we got the worst it.

However, Nestor isn’t entirely displeased, his boys discharged their missions well enough:

  • Kez scored a crit whilst assailing the Lamm’s leader with the brandy bottle and thoroughly soaked him in the pungent brandy.

Nestor reveals that he’d set us up to loose this battle so that we may win the war – the long con’s on and Lamm’s Lambs are about to take the fall for a crime that we’re about to commit! Plot So Far


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